When Star Trek Meets Star Wars Delicious Cookies Are Made [pic]

Its not very often you see mash-ups between Star Trek and Star Wars despite the number of fans that love both.  I’m not quite sure why that is because I often see people combine one of those franchises with something else like Doctor Who or even Space Invaders but I have a feeling it has to do with the Star Wars vs Star Trek mentality.  I know a lot of geeks like to have that debate but I tend to be one of those can’t we all just get along kind of people.  I think if there was less fighting and more baking, we would have more awesome Star Trek and Star Wars mash-up cookies like the ones below!

Star Trek and Star Wars fan Klickitat Street is the creator of these delicious looking cookies that combine Star Wars with the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series.  No matter which franchise you prefer (I’m a Star Trek person myself although I enjoy both depending on my mood), you can’t deny how cute and utterly awesome these cookies are!

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Star Trek and Star Wars Cookies
Trek Wars Cookies

[Source:  Klickitat Street via Between the Pages]



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