Xbox 360 Multi-Disk Changer Built From LEGO NXT [pic + video]

One of the many reasons I prefer gaming on PC over console is that thanks to platforms like Steam, I find myself rarely reaching to swap disks these days when there is a different game I want to play.  I still have to do it for a lot of older games but I find myself rarely playing those anymore just because changing disks is not very convenient, especially when I keep my old disks on the other side of the room.  Well, one Xbox 360 loving console gamer has fixed this problem for themselves with a LEGO NXT creation.

YouTube user zwenkka apparently also dislikes the the whole process of changing disks on his Xbox 360 so they decided to make a multi-disk changer appropriately named “The Carousel” with LEGO NXT (I guess that is a newer version of LEGO Mindstorm?).  The Carousel can hold 32 disks for the Xbox 360 and is controlled with an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

It may take an average of 42 seconds to switch disks but that is still better than having to get out of your chair to go change the disks yourself.  This is one Xbox 360 accessory I would pay a lot for if I had the room for one.  Check out the video below for more details and to see it in action!

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Xbox 360 Disk Changer
Xbox 360 Multi-Disk Changer

[via Reddit]


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