Futurama’s Bender Turned Into a Wood Burning Stove [pics + video]

Wood burning stoves can be a great thing.  Whether you are using them to cook your food or heat your house, they can come in handy on occasion.  I haven’t used mine in years but that is simply because I dread cleaning the basement out enough that I can start using it again.  However, if I had a Bender wood burning stove like this one, I would be using it all the time!

This spectacular Futurama inspired Bender wood burning stove was built by Rob Halftroll.  Apparently it took him about three weeks to create this awesome 5.5′ tall Bender stove.  If you thought Bender had an evil side before, just wait until you check out the video of this stove in action below and see the fire in his belly!  The only thing that would make this cooler is if the smoke was coming out the cigar although I fear the cigar wouldn’t be big enough to handle all of the smoke.

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Futurama Bender Wood Burning Stove
Bender Wood Burning Stove
Bender Stove Head
Futurama Bender Stove Head

[Source:  Rob Halftroll via That’s Nerdalicious]






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