Amazing Captain America Cupcakes [pic]

If there is somebody that doesn’t love cupcakes, I have never met them.  In fact, without evidence that such a person exists, I would highly doubt any claims that there are people who don’t like cupcakes.  It is certainly possible that there are people who don’t like cupcakes but I am highly skeptical.  Anyway, speaking of cupcakes, I have come across some fantastic looking Captain America cupcakes I thought I would share!

These spectacular Captain America cupcakes were made by Hundred and Thousands Cupcakes.  I would say they did an amazing job as they look pretty much perfect!  I especially love the helmet ones with the wings, eyes and nose.  I can’t say I am a Captain America fan but I am definitely a fan of these cupcakes!

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Captain America Cupcakes
Captain America Cupcakes

[Source:  Hundred and Thousands Cupcakes via Between the Pages]






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