How much is Doctor Who’s TARDIS Worth? [Infographic]

A lot of times I shy away from posting infographics.  I love infographics and find them interesting and visually appealing (most of the time), I just find their length to be annoying.  I like seeing all of the information but I don’t like posting something so long that it might discourage people who only visit the front page of GGN from scrolling down far enough to see other things that I post.  However, being a the huge Doctor Who fan that I am, I figured I should share this one on the worth of the TARDIS!

This novelty real estate infographic on the TARDIS was created by the awesome folks over at Movoto.  Of course this infographic doesn’t take into account that the TARDIS is a time machine which pretty much makes it priceless, but it does take a decent stab at what it is worth from a real estate perspective.  Check it out!  Feel free to discuss your thoughts on how accurate this infographic is in the comments below!

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How Much Is Doctor Who's TARDIS Worth?

[Source:  Movoto]






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