This Epic Legend of Jedi Shirt Combines Star Wars and Legend of Zelda

I love wearing shirts that combine multiple geeky obsessions into one cool design.  For example, I have a shirt that combines Donkey Kong with Star Wars and another shirt that combines Super Mario with a Dalek from Doctor Who.  Well, it looks like I have found another awesome geeky mash-up shirt that I will have to add to my collection which I think you guys will love too.

The awesome folks over at TeeFury are selling this Legend of Jedi shirt for just $11 today only!  It combines the Legend of Zelda with Star Wars.

I love how this shirt turns Link into Luke Skywalker and the annoying Navi into R2-D2.  However, the best part is the text at the bottom saying the Triforce is strong with this one.  Yep, this is definitely going to be a shirt I have to have.

If you agree that this shirt design is cool, make sure you get it now before it is gone because if you wait until tomorrow, it will be too late!

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Legend of Jedi T-Shirt Design
Legend of Jedi T-Shirt Design

[Source:  TeeFury]


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