These Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes Are Blocky Goodness

There are a ton of people that seem to be huge fans of Minecraft but I can’t say I am one of them.  I have seen a lot of people make some really cool stuff in Minecraft such as Microsoft Office’s Clippy from years ago but beyond recreating stuff in the game, I just don’t really see the appeal of it.  Perhaps its a game that just isn’t targeted to somebody like me.  However, even though I don’t play it, I still like seeing really cool Minecraft stuff like this awesome Minecraft birthday cake and cupcakes!

This neat Minecraft cake and cupcakes were baked by Helen from Love is Cake.  Apparently a young Minecraft fan recently turned 9 and celebrated the occasion with this Minecraft birthday cake and cupcakes.  I’d say they turned out looking great!

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Minecraft Cake
Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes

[Source:  Love is Cake via That’s Nerdalicious]