Legend of Zelda Triforce Fingernail Art

It feels like I haven’t posted much geeky fingernail art lately (the only one I have posted so far this year was the Star Trek fingernail art a couple of weeks ago) so I thought it would be the perfect time to post some more nerdy nail art.  In this particular case, I have found some amazing Legend of Zelda Triforce fingernail art!

This amazing Legend of Zelda fingernail art was apparently created by imgur user atomicwrangler.  It feels a bit more repetitive than many of the nail art posts I write about as each finger is the same but I’d still say they turned out really cool!

If you want to see a bunch of more really cool fingernail art pictures that atomicwranger has made, check out the gallery in the source link below.  There are all kinds of cool designs including ones that look like Pokeballs and a really bloody yet awesome Assassin’s Creed set.

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Legend of Zelda Fingernail Art
Legend of Zelda Triforce Fingernail Art

[Source:  atomicwrangler]


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