This Might Be the Cutest Doctor Who Cake Ever [pic]

Recently, I have been starting to wonder whether I come across more Star Wars cakes or Doctor Who cakes.  I have a feeling I probably see a few more Star Wars cakes than Doctor Who ones although I think the numbers are pretty close or at least it seems like a post about a fairly equal number of both.  Just in the past month or so, I have posted about a really cool Doctor Who wedding cake and an epic Doctor Who proposal cake (I’m still not sure a proposal cake is a real thing but any excuse for cake is fine with me).  Well, now I have found perhaps the cutest Doctor Who cake ever to add to the bunch!

This slightly cartoony looking Doctor Who cake was created by Becky from Becky and The Beanstalk.  I’d say she did a great job!  This is the first Doctor Who cake I have seen that has an adipose on it, much less a Cyberman, Weeping Angel and a Silence too!  And of course no Doctor Who cake would be complete without a TARDIS which this has one of the nicer ones I have seen.

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Doctor Who Cake
Doctor Who Cake

[Source: Becky and The Beanstalk via Between the Pages]