Another Amazing Angry Birds Star Wars Cake [pic]

Like many people, I have probably spent much more time than I would care to admit playing the Angry Birds games.  Whether it is the original, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons or even Angry Birds Star Wars, I have played them all and one could make the case that I might be slightly addicted to them.  However, in my defense, they are really fun games and I enjoy a good challenge which many levels are, especially if you want to get 3 stars.

Speaking of Angry Birds Star Wars, this spectacular Angry Birds Star Wars birthday cake was made by the clearly talented cake makers at In My Mother’s Kitchen.  I don’t know who Riley is, but I would suspect they had a pretty awesome birthday thanks to this cake!

I would say this is my second favorite all time Angry Birds Star Wars cake, right behind the Angry Birds Star Wars cake I posted with multiple tiers and right above the cake I posted with the giant Chewbacca bird.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Cake
Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

[Source:  In My Mother’s Kitchen via Between the Pages]


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