The Batmobile Monster Truck [pic]

One of my favorite events to go to as a kid was the monster truck shows that they would have at our state fair grounds.  I always enjoyed watching the cars get crunched to pieces by the massive trucks.  However, over the years, I stopped caring about it as much and quit going.  Its not that I don’t still enjoy it, its just that most of the trucks I liked growing up aren’t performing anymore so I have no real emotional attachment to the motorsport.  But, I would definitely start going again if the Batmobile monster truck was there!

I’m not sure where this awesome Batmobile monster truck was spotted but it is definitely one of the coolest monster trucks I have seen in years.  Now I really hope there is a Batmobile monster truck in the next Batman movie or at least the next video game.

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Batman Monster Truck
Batmobile Monster Truck

[Via: GeekTyrant]


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