NES Given Super Mario Bros 3 Paint Job [pic]

Recently, I was given a NES that while I haven’t tested it out myself, I am pretty sure it doesn’t work and I have been trying to decide what I want to do with it.  The first thought that occurred to me was to turn it into a lunchbox like the NES lunchbox I posted about in the past.  However, I am leaning toward the idea of giving it new life by putting a Raspberry Pi in it and running old NES games on an emulator.

However, no matter what I decide to do, I would give anything to have the NES painted up like Super Mario Bros 3 like the one below!

This NES that has been painted up to have a Super Mario Bros 3 look to it was apparently created by Ebay user hellokitty11111111111.  While it is not longer available, I’m told it had a $125 buy it now price on it which seems reasonable considering how good it looks.  I hope they make another one just like it because I want one!

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Mario NES Console Mod
Super Mario Bros 3 NES Console Mod

[Source:  hellokitty11111111111 via Born Rich]