Want To Own a Piece of Moon Rock? Now You Can Buy One Cheap! [pic]

Even thought I wasn’t alive for the moon landings decades ago, I have always been obsessed with the moon and space in general.  I often find myself just standing outside at night staring at the moon or other planets and stars (if the moon isn’t visible) dreaming of one day being able to leave earth and set foot on some other hunk of rock out in space.  Well, unless I get accepted to the Mars One mission to go live on Mars, I doubt I will ever get to leave earth.  However, I can still own a piece of the moon!

The space loving folks over at ThinkGeek are selling pieces of moon rock for just $24.99!  You will get a certified authentic 2mg piece of moon rock from lunar meteorite NWA 3163, 5000, 4884, 6355, or Dhofar 081.  It might be tiny but it is still a piece of the moon you can call your own!

However, if the moon isn’t your thing or you want more than just the moon, you can also buy a tiny rock from Mars too!

Moon rocks aren’t found very often so if you want a piece of the moon, I would get one now because who knows how long this opportunity will be around!

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Authentic Moon Rock
Authentic Moon Rock

[Source:  ThinkGeek]