These Batman Heels are the Ultimate Bling [pics]

For as absolutely uncomfortable as high heel shoes look, I have to admit that I am kind of jealous of women because they can wear some amazing looking heels and I can’t.  Of course my definition of amazing is probably different than most women because when I talk about amazing heels, I am talking about shoes like the Avengers high heels or the R2-D2 high heels.  Well, speaking of awesome high heels, now I have found some really cool Batman ones too!

These blinged out (is that a term?) Batman high heels were created by Green with Envii clothing.  Apparently just one shoe took 5 hours to make and I think you can still buy the pair from them for $120.

This might be a bit too flashy for some Batman fans but if you like some bling on your feet, these might just be the pair of Batman heels for you!

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Batman High Heels
Batman Bling Heels

[Source:  Green with Envii clothing]






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