Portal Companion Cube Dice [pic]

Tired of playing with just normal dice?  Sure, some color can change things up again but they still look pretty much the same so it doesn’t put that much spice into your tabletop game.  However, if you are a Portal fan and are looking for a dice that is a little different, how about playing with a Companion Cube dice?

Etsy seller niquegeek is selling these awesome Portal Companion Cube dice for $29 each.

I will admit that $29 for a single dice is a bit crazy but these aren’t your average cheap dice.  These Companion Cube dice are 3D printed and then fired to make them into solid steel.  You also have your choice of numbers on the side or traditional Companion Cube harts (which seems like it would kind of defeat the purpose of being a dice).  They are also hollow so they are much lighter than they look which I would say is a good thing.

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Companion Cube Dice
Portal Companion Cube Dice

[Source: Etsy]






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