Want To Own a Piece of Rock From Mars? Now You Can! [pic]

Like many geeks, I have a tremendous love for all things science related.  I am especially obsessed with space.  Whether it is how galaxies form or what the robots on Mars are finding, I spend quite a bit of my spare time learning everything I can about the universe around me.

Mars is probably one of the things I am most interested in and I plan on being among the first people to apply to live on Mars when the Mars One program starts taking applications later this year.  Without going into details as to why, lets just say I want on the first one way trip off of this planet I can get a seat on!  Anyway, if you have a love for Mars like I do, now you have the opportunity to own a piece of it!

The amazing people over at ThinkGeek are now selling tiny bits of Mars rock for just $24.99!  In case you are worried, these are not fakes!  These are 2mg pieces of Martian shergottite NWA 4930, 4880, 4468, 998, Tissint and others from northern Africa.  Each piece comes with a card describing the rocks history so you can know everything about your precious Martian rock.

One thing to keep in mind is that I don’t expect these to be available for very long.  It is a pretty reasonable price and pieces of Mars don’t come along that often so this might be your only chance to own a piece of the red planet so I would jump on this while you can!  I know I will be ordering one today!

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Mars Meteorite
Mars Rock

[Source:  ThinkGeek]