Doctor Who Pancakes are Cool [pic]

Only about once a week do I ever eat breakfast but one of my favorite breakfast foods is pancakes.  Whether they are plain old pancakes, pumpkin pancakes or New York cheesecake pancakes, I love them all!  Not only are the delicious, but pancakes are cool!  Especially when they are Doctor Who themed pancakes!

Speaking of Doctor Who themed pancakes, these awesome pancakes (which I am guessing are some sort of cinnamon pancakes) are made to look like the TARDIS and the 11th Doctor complete with bow tie and fez!  These delicious looking Doctor Who pancakes were created by an Irish Whovian named Elaine.  I’d say she did a fantastic job!  I know I would eat them although I’m going to need some maple syrup first.

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TARDIS and 11th Doctor  Pancakes
Doctor Who TARDIS and 11th Doctor Pancakes

[Source:  Doctor Who on Facebook]



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