Darth Vader Rocks This Cake [pic]

Most people might think it is kind of odd to imagine Darth Vader rocking out but I would disagree.  My favorite band, Epica (a symphonic metal band for those who haven’t heard of them), is known to play a metal version of the Imperial March at their concerts which is always a highlight for me (you can find tons of videos of them playing it on YouTube).  The only thing that would make it better is if they were dressed up as Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers.  Well, speaking of the idea of Darth Vader rocking out, how about imagining that in the form of a cake!

This awesome Star Wars cake with Darth Vader rocking out on what appears to be a bass guitar was created by Cakes By Pixie Pie.  It might not be the biggest looking Star Wars cake I have ever seen but it is still pretty cool.

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Darth Vader Bass Guitar and Death Star Cake
Darth Vader and Death Star Cake

[Source:  Cakes By Pixie Pie via Between the Pages]



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