Choose your Captain Star Trek Shirt [pic]

Who is your favorite Star Trek captain?  Kirk?  Picard?  Janeway?  My favorite is Sisko although I don’t think there are any that I don’t like (although I can’t say I am fond of the Kirk in the new Star Trek movies).  Well, no matter who you favorite captain is, as long as you love Star Trek and the look of 8-bit video games, you are going to love this awesome shirt!

The awesome Star Trek fans over at ThinkGeek are selling this awesome Choose Your Captain Star Trek shirt for $19.99-21.99 depending on the size.  It is a great way to start a conversation with somebody as everybody has a favorite Star Trek captain.  However, you might want to be careful because if they have a different favorite captain than you, it might turn into a big argument.

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Choose Your Captain Shirt
Star Trek Choose Your Captain Shirt

[Source:  ThinkGeek]