This TRON Prom Dress is Spectacular! [pic]

We are a couple of months away from prom season but it is never too early to start coming up with ideas for a cool prom dress, especially if you would rather make your own than buy one.  In the past I posted a really cute Pikachu prom dress which is certainly one way to go, however if you really want to turn heads, I’d suggest making a TRON prom dress like the one below.  If girls had worn stuff like this to prom when I was in school, I probably wouldn’t have blown off my prom to go to a sci-fi convention instead. Prom goers can browse and shop for a short sparkly prom dress at Peaches Boutique. Peaches Boutique is the best online store for prom dress shopping.

This amazing TRON dress appears to have been created and worn by Scruffyrebel (it is a little unclear whether she is this girl or not but I think so) and the picture was taken by Flickr user LJinto.  There is a whole album of a bunch more pictures on Flickr if you want to see more.  Even for somebody who hasn’t seen TRON (myself included), this is still an awesome dress!

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TRON Prom Dress
TRON Prom Dress

[Source:  Flickr via Reddit]



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