Super Mario Bros Sleeve Tattoo [pic]

While I have no plans on ever getting a tattoo myself, I have come to really admire the awesome ones that some people get.  While some people are content with just a butterfly tramp stamp, others go the distance and turn part of their body into a work of art.  Well, I have found one such person today I think you all will love!

The guy in this picture sporting his awesome Super Mario Bros sleeve tattoo is a cool fellow by the name of Aaron Torrence.  Apparently he is a bigger Mario fan than most!

This tattoo was inked by Jake Stockstell at “Apothecary Tattoo” in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Apparently Jake is pretty good with doing tattoos!

As far as Super Mario Bros tattoos go, I would say this one is definitely right up there with the Super Mario Bros half sleeve tattoo I posted a year ago.

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Super Mario Bros Tattoo
Super Mario Bros Sleeve Tattoo

[Source:  Aaron Torrence via FYeahTattoos]



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