This Duck Hunt Shirt is Awesome and Costs Only $10 Today Only! [pic]

Some of my best memories as a kid were of playing Duck Hunt in my grandparents living room.  Even though I have never got into real life hunting (even though I do have my hunters safety card), I always enjoyed shooting some 8-bit ducks.  Even though it has been years since I have played Duck Hunt, it still holds a special place in my heart as one of my all time favorite NES games.

Well, speaking of Duck Hunt, who would like to have an awesome and slightly pretentious looking Duck Hunt shirt?

The awesome people over at TeeFury are selling this awesome Sir Duck Hunt shirt for just $10 today only!  Whether you are a huge Duck Hunt fan or just know somebody who is that would love this shirt, I suggest getting this cool shirt before it is gone!  I know I will be getting one just as soon as I finish this post as I don’t own any other Duck Hunt shirts and I think it is time that changes.

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Duck Hunt Shirt
Duck Hunt Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]