This Weeping Angel Lunch Bag Art is Scary and Fantastic! [pic]

The only time I ever did the whole sack lunch thing was in grade school and only on days when there wasn’t a hot lunch served.  Even then, I always had one of those nice insulated lunch boxes that would keep my food nice and cold until lunch time arrived.  However, I have to admit that I have never done the brown paper bag lunch sack thing.  However, if I had somebody in my family that had any geeky art skills, I would have begged for a lunch bag like the one below!

This amazing and very scary Weeping Angel lunch bag art was created by the infamous Lunch Bag Art dad that I have featured many times in the past including a less scary piece of Weeping Angel lunch bag art.  For those unfamiliar with him, he is a geeky dad with some artistic skills that makes amazing works of lunch bag art for his kids lunches.  He has some really lucky kids!

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Weeping Angel Lunch Sack Art
Weeping Angel Lunch Bag Art

[Source:  Lunch Bag Art]






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