Fantastic Doctor Who Wedding Cake [pic]

The more Doctor Who wedding cakes I see, the more I think that if the day ever comes that I get married, I would like to have a Doctor Who wedding cake.  I don’t really care if it is a Dalek cake, a TARDIS cake or a Cyberman cake, any kind of Doctor Who wedding cake would do.  But speaking of Doctor Who wedding cakes, I found another one I thought was worth sharing.

This beautiful Doctor Who wedding cake featuring the happy couple escaping in the TARDIS with a couple of Daleks below was created by the obviously talented cake makers at Imaginative Icing bakery.  The only flaw I can find with this awesome cake is the sign on the TARDIS door is missing.  Otherwise, I am very impressed at how clean this cake looks.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Wedding Cake
Doctor Who Wedding Cake

[Source:  Imaginative Icing bakery via Between the Pages]

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