This Steampunk Xbox 360 Mod is Amazing! [pics]

If there is one artistic style that I really love, it has to be steampunk.  As much as I enjoy the clean and modern look of much of today’s technology, I really wish some companies would offer steampunk versions of their products just because steampunk looks cool.  For example, in the past I have posted a really cool steampunk Xbox 360 controller that I would love to use!  Well, why stop with just the controller when you can give the entire Xbox 360 a steampunk makeover!

Unfortunately I don’t know who made this stunningly beautiful steampunk Xbox 360 console mod (if you know who did, please let us know in the comments so we can give them the credit they deserve), but they did a fantastic job!  I would give anything to add this to my console collection but I’m sure more work was put into it than I can afford.  Oh well, it is still fun to look at and dream about!

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Steampunk Microsoft Xbox 360 Mod
Steampunk Xbox 360

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