This Angry Birds Star Wars Cake is Fantastic! [pic]

Kids today are very lucky.  They seem to be getting these awesome and geeky cakes that I definitely never had as a kid.  The closest thing to a cool cake I ever remember having was one with a plastic Garfield figure playing golf on the cake.  I certainly was never lucky enough to get the multiple tier cakes that many kids seem to be getting lately.

Well, now I have another cake to be jealous of because this Angry Birds Star Wars cake is really awesome!

Cake Central member Sasquatch made this really cool Angry Birds Star Wars cake for her son Max’s 6th birthday.  Something tells me he had a very happy birthday!

The only thing that would have made this cake cooler was if it was playable like the one playable Angry Birds cake I posted a long time ago.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Cake
Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

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