The Millennium Falcon Dual PC/MAC Case Mod [pic + video]

One of my favorite parts about LAN parties are the case mod competitions that are known to take place.  I’ve seen everything from computers made to look like treasure chests to computers that are built into the tank of toilets.  However, out of all of the case mods I have seen, this Millennium Falcon computer mod has to be one of the coolest.

Kenbots and built this awesome Millennium Falcon computer which won the ‘Deconstruct for GOOD’ competition by VISIO.  Apparently they took a Millennium Falcon Legacy stuffed it with the components for both a PC and a Mac.  Seems like a pretty clever idea to me!

You can check out some video of this build in action below and if you are really impressed, you can own it!  That’s right, they are selling this Millennium Falcon dual PC/Mac case mod on Etsy for $2,800.  As cool as this is, the price seems a bit crazy to me considering the Mac side is an old G4 with OS X 10.5.  I’m sure somebody will decide they have to have it an pay that much though as there are some rich Star Wars fans out there.  At least it still has the Millennium Falcon sounds!

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon PC and Mac Case Mod
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Dual PC/Mac Case Mod

[Source:  Etsy via Obvious Winner]