Star Wars Death Star Pinata [pic]

Apparently I never went to the right parties as a kid because I think I have only gotten to take two swings at pinatas in my life.  I guess they just aren’t that popular around here although I can’t understand why they wouldn’t be.  Whats not to love about beating something to pieces with a stick until a bunch of candy falls out?

Anyway, speaking of pinatas, if you are planning a Star Wars themed party and happen to be looking for a pinata, I think I have found the one for you!

Etsy seller Outofthisworldpinata is selling this awesome Death Star pinata for $50.  Unfortunately, you have to supply the candy for this Death Star pinata yourself, but it does have some really cool Star Wars micro machines flying around it that apparently they don’t make anymore so it might be worth buying just for that!

Remember to use the Force when you are looking to destroy this Death Star pinata!

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Death Star Pinata
Death Star Pinata with Micro Machine Space Ships

[Source:  Etsy via So Geek Chic]






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