Make Your Own Halo Rampancy Cocktail Drink [pic]

Even though I am not one for consuming alchohol, I do enjoy seeing all of the pretty colors that cocktails come in.  Speaking of colorful cocktails, who wants to be able to make their own Halo inspired cocktail?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a beautiful Halo Cortana cocktail (and its recipe) that was a beautiful shade of what I would call Halo blue.  Well, the creator of that cocktail didn’t stop at just that and created a red Halo cocktail called Rampancy too!

Clint Slowik is the creator of this beautiful Halo inspired cocktail which you can find the recipe to below.  Not being an alcohol person, I have no idea how this will taste but if it tastes as good as it looks, I suspect you will enjoy it.

Just remember, drinking and driving do not mix so get your drinking out of the way and then go try to run some people over with your Warthog!

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Halo Cocktail Drink
Halo Rampancy Cocktail

[Source:  Clint Slowik]



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