Papercraft X-Wing Made from the Pages of Star Wars Books [pic]

Having gone all digital in my reading, I can’t say I really have much use for physical books anymore.  All of the books I own just collect dust in my basement now but if I had any decent papercraft skills, I would try to reproduce this awesome papercraft X-Wing that one artist was commissioned to make out of a couple of Star Wars books.

Artist Jodi took pages from three Star Wars books and sculpted them into an amazing papercraft X-Wing fighter.  The result ended up being really cool (if it hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t be posting about it) and I am very jealous of whoever had it made for them.  I would love to have something like this sitting on my desk but that would require a bigger desk first as I am all out of room on my current one.

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Papercraft Star Wars X-Wing
Papercraft X-Wing

[Source:  Jodi via Nerd Approved]






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