Stunning Starcraft Kerrigan Cosplay [pics]

I just got into playing Starcraft II a couple of nights ago and while I can’t say it is my favorite RTS game, it is definitely quite fun.  Unlike most RTS gamers, I never really got into it much with the original from years ago as I spent my childhood addicted to the Command and Conquer and Age of Empires games.  However, with as much as I am enjoying Starcraft II, I might have to go back and give the original another spin.

Even though I am not yet a hardcore Starcraft fan, I can still appreciate this amazing Kerrigan cosplay which I am sure the longtime fans will love!

DeviantART user Jessica Dru is the gorgeous girl sporting this spectacular Kerrigan cosplay.  If you think this looks identical to the game, you would probably be right as the costume itself is the same one the Blizzard used for official promotions.  I’d say she wears it well!

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Starcraft Ghost Cosplay
Starcraft Kerrigan Cosplay
Starcraft Kerrigan Cosplay
Starcraft Ghost Cosplay

[Source:  Jessica Dru via Fashionably Geek]


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