Steampunk Batman NERF Blaster Pistol [pic]

When I was a kid, I loved played with NERF stuff.  I had everything from a NERF Vortex football to the NERD gun that allowed you to shoot around corners.  Other than for office warfare, I don’t think NERF stuff is as popular as it used to be, but I think if you were to see more combinations of steampunk, NERF, and Batman, that might change.  Here is one such combination!

This steampunk Batman NERF blaster pistol was created by Nerfenstein.  I’d say this little project turned out good enough that the Dark Knight might even use it himself (although I don’t know if he has a love for steampunk).

If this is one of those things that you think is just so cool that you must have it, it looks like Nerfenstein is willing to sell it although no price is mentioned.  If I could justify buying it, I definitely would!

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Steampunk Dark Knight NERF Gun
Steampunk Batman NERF Gun

[Source:  Nerfenstein via Obvious Winner]






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