Ghostbusters Latte Art [pic]

When there is something strange in your neighborhood coffee shop, who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!  Well, depending on what the “something strange” is, I’m not sure the Ghostbusters would be the first people I would call, but they would definitely be on the list of people I might call.  But until their services are needed, I think I could settle for a Ghostbusters latte.

In the past, I have featured a ton of awesome latte art in the past such as the TARDIS latte art and the Ms. Pac-Man latte art (search for latte art on the right to see a bunch more), but I think this Ghostbusters latte art is my all time favorite.

The person responsible for this awesome Ghostubsters latte art is Kazuki Yamamoto.  I’d say their latte art making skills are quite impressive!  I hope I come across more of their latte art creations in the future because this Ghostbusters latte art is really cool!

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Ghostbusters Latte
Ghostbusters Latte Art

[Source:  Kazuki Yamamoto via That’s Nerdalicious]



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