Legend of Zelda Drink Coasters [pic]

As somebody who has ruined wooden furniture (TV trays) by letting a sweaty glass sit directly on the wood on a hot day, I am now a big believer in using coasters.  Furniture is too expensive to not us a coaster if you are going to be setting a drink on it!

Well, in the past, I have posted about a number of different and geeky drink coasters like the Battlestar Galactica coasters and the Portal warning signs coasters, but for those that would prefer some Legend of Zelda coasters, I have found the perfect set for you!

Etsy seller LimeGreenCoconuts is selling this awesome set of Legend of Zelda drink coasters for $36.  The coasters are made from fused perler beads encased in epoxy resin and they measure 4 3/8″ square and approximately 3/8 inches thick.

One thing to note is that these will take a week or two before they are shipped since apparently the epoxy resin takes a long time to dry.  However, I think they are cool enough that they would be worth the wait.

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Legend of Zelda DrinkCoasters
Legend of Zelda Coasters

[Source:  Etsy via That’s Nerdalicious]


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