Make Your Own Halo Cortana Cocktail [pic]

Normally I wouldn’t advocate playing video games while drunk (or doing anything drunk for that matter), but I think I am going to make an exception in this case for two reasons.  First, your delayed reaction times will make you easy pray and help me level up faster.  Second, no matter how drunk you are, you still probably won’t be as annoying and obnoxious as the 10 year olds that have flooded Xbox Live.

If you think video games and alcohol do mix, then why not try making yourself a Halo Cortana cocktail?  Below is a picture of what the drink should look like (and it is a love color of Halo blue) as well as the recipe to make it yourself.  Of course if you don’t have the ingredients to make it (I’ve never even heard of most of them but I don’t drink alcohol), you could always print off the list of ingredients and take them to your local bar and tell the bartender to make you a Halo cocktail.

Remember:  Drink responsibly!

Clint Slowik’s Cortana Cocktail:

1.5 parts Blue Curacao
2 parts Alizé Bleu Passion
2 parts UV Blue Vodka
1 squeeze Blueberry Lemonade Mio
Lemon Lime soda

Directions: Pour the Blue Curacao over ice into a hurricane or equally sexy tall glass. Float Alizé atop Curacao. Float vodka atop Alizé. Gently pour your lemon lime soda nearing the top. Squeeze a shot of blue concentrated flavoring (Mio). She’s waited a long time for this, John. Savor the moment as if it’s your last.

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Halo Cocktail
Halo Cortana Cocktail

[via That’s Nerdalicious]