This God of War Cake is Fit for the Gods [pics]

If there is one series of games that I don’t think gets the attention it deserves, it is the God of War series.  Sure, it gets quite a bit of attention in the PlayStation community, but for what I consider to be the best game series I have ever played, I think it deserves more attention from the gaming community as a whole.  As much as I love other games, the God of War games are by far my favorite.

Well, in my search for cool God of War cakes this morning, I came across this cake that is fit for the gods!

This God of War Temple of Fates cake was created by Captain’s Mix & Magic.  Not only does it look impressive, this God of War cake serves 120 and required 160 man-hours to make!

This cake is definitely a work of art!

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God of War Temple of Fates Cake
God of War Cake
God of War Cake
God of War Temple of Fates Cake

[Source:  Captain’s Mix & Magic via Geek Art Gallery]


2 responses to “This God of War Cake is Fit for the Gods [pics]”

  1. Joy Lyn Parohinog Francisco Avatar

    thank you for featuring us Mr. Jeremy, we had so much fun making the cake last year that we also have an article telling how it came to be. feel free to visit us again!

  2. pcnerd37 Avatar

    No problem, it is one of the coolest cakes I have ever seen! You guys did a fantastic job!

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