This Dead Space 2 Cosplay is Stunning and Scary [pic]

The survival horror genre of video games has never really been my thing (although I loved F.E.A.R.) so I only played a few minutes of the original Dead Space before moving on to other games and completely forgetting about it, but this cosplay is so good that I might have to consider going and giving the game a second chance.

Cosplayers and DeviantART users tarrer and MadeInHeaven1979 are sporting some rather spectacular Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford cosplay.  I especially like the Isaac Clarke cosplay as the suit seems to be very well done and the blood splatters on it is a nice touch.

The photographer that took this great cosplay picture goes by the name Pr0gredi.

I bet these two could win a cosplay contest any day!

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Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford Cosplay
Dead Space 2 Cosplay

[Via Cosplay Blog]



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