Gigantic Mountainside 8-bit Space Invaders Snow Art [pics]

I’ve posted works of video game art that ranged from the size of earrings to the size of walls (such as the LEGO wall mural video game tribute I posted earlier today) but never something as large as the side of a mountain.  Well, now I can say that I have with this amazing 8-bit Space Invaders are that was created on a snow covered mountain.

This gigantic piece of video game snow art was created by Simon Beck who apparently likes to make amazing things in snow.  Browsing his Facebook photos page, it looks like most of his work tends to look like crop circles in the snow but it is clear that he is very good at making snow art on a massive scale.  I don’t know how he makes things like this Space Invaders snow art on the entire side of a mountain but he is damn good at it!

This makes whatever you wrote in the snow with your pee seem rather insignificant doesn’t it?

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Space Invaders Snow Art on a Mountain
Space Invaders Snow Art
Space Invaders Snow Art
Space Invaders Snow Art Close Up

[Source:  Simon Beck’s Snow Art on Facebook via Obvious Winner]






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