Pixelated Sim in the Shower Cosplay [pic]

A while back, I posted about a rather awesome bath towel concept design that basically gave you the pixelated naked look from The Sims games.  Although the towel was never made available for sale as far as I know, that doesn’t seem to have stopped people who really wanted to sport the pixelated Sims look.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who this girl is (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give her credit), but she is sporting some rather clever pixelated naked Sim cosplay.  I love the commitment that she has shown to the cosplay by having the picture taken in the shower and having the green diamond floating above her head.  This is definitely The Sims cosplay done right!

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Pixelated Sims Cosplay
Pixelated Naked Sims Cosplay

[Source:  Fixthatweave via Fashionably Geek]