The Mona Zelda is Much Cooler Than the Mona Lisa [pic]

Although it has never been my favorite work of art (although I still like it), without a doubt, the most recognized painting ever created is the Mona Lisa.  While it is a good painting, I think the primary reason for its iconic status has more to do with the artist that painted it and the mystery that surround the girl in the painting more than the actual style of the painting.  Well, when it comes to style, I far prefer the Mona Zelda to the Mona Lisa!

Apparently one gamer with some artistic skills named Alexi decided to recreate the Mona Lisa for her boyfriend but replaced the iconic woman in the painting with Princess Zelda.  I would say she did a rather spectacular job!  As a Legend of Zelda fan, I would love to hang this painting on my wall!

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Princess Zelda as the Mona Lisa
Mona Zelda Painting

[Source:  So Geek Chic]


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