Crochet Dwarf Helm and Beard [pic]

I have posted some pretty spectacular stuff that people have crocheted in the past, but none of them compare to how epic this crochet Dwarf hat and beard are.  If you are a fan of Dwarfs, this post is going to make your day!

DeviantART user SadDaysCrochet is the person responsible for this amazing Dwarf helm and beard and I think they might have more crochet skills than anybody I have ever met.  She made this Dwarf helmet and beard (which is detachable with snaps) based on Gimli from Lord of the Rings.

Stories like this kind of make me wish I wasn’t an only child because I would love to have a sister that would make something like this for me.

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Lord of the Rings Crochet Dwarf Helm and Beard
Lord of the Rings Crochet Dwarf Helmet and Beard

[Source:  SadDaysCrochet via Neatorama]






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