Awesome Lord of the Rings Cupcakes [pic]

A few days ago, I posted some amazing Hobbit cupcakes to celebrate the release of the new Hobbit movie and since it seems everybody is still in a Tolkien frenzy, I figured it would be appropriate to post some awesome Lord of the Rings cupcakes too!

These delicious looking Lord of the Rings cupcakes were created by Maria Yebra, aka Cupcaketeer.  These 14 Lord of the Rings cupcakes feature the major characters in the movie ranging from Gollum to Gandolf and even a Ringwraith.  I think my personal favorite is the Boromir cupcake although they are all pretty cool!

Dang it, now I am hungry for cupcakes and with the blizzard outside, there is no way I am going to go out and get some.  Who wants to deliver me some cupcakes?

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Lord of the Rings Characters Cupcakes
Lord of the Rings Cupcakes

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