This Winter Themed Hobbit Cake is Spectacular! [pics]

It seems to be a rather rare occurrence to come across a cake with a seasonal theme to it.  Sure, you will see a ton of gingerbread houses around the holidays like the gingerbread Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole, but not so much with cakes.  Well, it seems one person decided to change that and make a Hobbit cake that looks like a winter wonderland!

Hobbit fan and Cake Central Member meemawof10 is the person that made this amazing Hobbit themed cake featuring a Hobbit hole, Gandolf the White, Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield.  I didn’t know it, but apparently they also love to build snowmen in the shire!

I have to admit, this is one of the more impressive cakes I have seen in some strange way.  I’m really curious to know if the snowflakes and the trees are edible or just the hobbit hole.

If you prefer a more evil themed Lord of the Rings cake, check out the Dark Tower cake I posted last week because it will blow your mind!

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Hobbit Hole Cake
Winter Hobbit Cake

[Source:  meemawof10 Via That’s Nerdalicious]

2 thoughts on “This Winter Themed Hobbit Cake is Spectacular! [pics]

  1. Just saw this! Thanks for the compliments and yes, the trees are made of fondant snowflakes and are edible…everything is but the lights in the rice paper windows and the supports for the tree limbs. Yep, snowmen in the Shire were “in” this winter. Now working on a spring Bag End as my other granddaughter requested the same cake but with grass…no snow. We’re sick of winter here!!! 🙂

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