Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Sleeved Blanket [pic]

In the past, I have stated on multiple occasions just how much I love sleeved blankets and how they have ruined me for all normal blankets.  How can you not love something as convenient as blankets with sleeves?!  I even have two of them!  Ok, I bought two of them because of an amazing sale on Woot and my cat decided one of them was hers so I really only have one now, but who needs more than one anyway?

Well, if you have yet to jump on the sleeved blanket bandwagon (what is wrong with you?!), and you have a love for Batman, then I think I have found the perfect sleeved blanket for you!

You can order this awesome Batman Dark Knight Rises inspired sleeved blanked (aka Snuggie) from Amazon for just $24.95.  This is the definitely the lazy way of looking like the Dark Knight around the house but without that uncomfortable looking suit.

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Batman Snuggie
Batman Dark Knight Rises Sleeved Blanket

[Source:  Amazon via Fashionably Geek]


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