This Lord of the Rings Dark Tower Cake is Mind Blowing! [pic]

Back in April, I posted a picture of a really cool looking Eye of Sauron cake / cupcake tower but as cool as it was, it isn’t half as impressive as this Dark Tower of Barad-dur (aka The Fortress of Sauron) cake.

Lord of the Rings fans will have their mind blown by the cake cake below that was created by the clearly impressive cake maker Cakes by Erin.  This Dark Tower cake featuring the Eye of Sauron sitting on a cake modeled after the One Ring measures over 2 feet tall!  Not only is the scale of this cake rather impressive, the coloring and detail is amazing!

If you are looking for a way to celebrate the new Hobbit movie without commissioning an epic cake like this to be made, you should check out the fantastic Middle Earth map shirt I posted yesterday.

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Lord of the Rings Fortress of Sauron Cake
Lord of the Rings Dark Tower Cake

[via Between the Pages]