Fantastic Doctor Who Dalek and TARDIS Cupcakes [pics]

With the Doctor Who Christmas special less than two weeks away, I figured to help get you excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special (not that you needed another reason to watch it considering we are already getting a new companion) I’d share some pictures of these fantastic Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek cupcakes!

The clearly talented cupcake makers at The Regali Kitchen in Quezon City, Philippines were the ones that created these cupcakes featuring incredibly detailed TARDIS and Dalek cupcake toppers.  I am very impressed!  I would rank, these up near the TARDIS and 11th Doctor cupcakes I posted not long ago.

I also want to give these guys props for the watermark on the images.  I know that sounds silly but normally I find watermarks on most images to be incredibly annoying but these are so light and subtle that i don’t even notice them unless I am really looking for them and for that I am grateful.

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TARDIS and Dalek Cupcakes
Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Cupcakes
Dalek Cupcakes
Doctor Who Dalek Cupcakes

[Source:  The Regali Kitchen via That’s Nerdalicious]