Star Trek’s Enterprise Made From an Old Hard Drive [pic]

A little over a year ago, I posted one persons Star Trek creation where they created the USS Enterprise out of office supplies like a couple of pens and a CD.  Well, as cool as that was, I prefer it when the Enterprise has a little more storage space than just 700MB and apparently I must not be the only one to think that.

Star Trek fan and geeky crafter Daniel Shankalonian decided to take an old hard drive and make the Enterprise out of it!  Actually, this Enterprise includes not only parts from a dead hard drive but bits of a dead motherboard and a keyboard too.  He was selling it on Etsy but it sold yesterday so if you were hoping to get your hands on this, it looks like you will have to settle for building your own.

Props to Daniel on this excellent and geeky creation!

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Star Trek Enterprise Hard Disk
Star Trek Enterprise Hard Drive
Star Trek Enterprise Hard Disk Side
Star Trek Enterprise Hard Drive Side

[Source:  Etsy via Technabob]