iAm Geek Shirt $10 TODAY ONLY! [pic]

Back when I was in high school, I had the fortune doing a little shopping at the Microsoft company store (it pays to have family that works at Microsoft) and one of the things I picked up was a rather geeky shirt.  When I say rather geeky, I mean that on the front it said “geek” and on the back it gave a dictionary definition of a geek (I never bothered to look it up to see if it was actually from the dictionary but it fit as far as I could tell).

Whenever I would wear that shirt, I would get a ton of people commenting on it.  More people said something about that shirt than everything else I have ever worn combined.  Everybody loved it!

Well, I may not have that shirt anymore, but this iAm Geek shirt is the perfect replacement and you can have it too!

The spectacular folks over at TeeFury are selling this awesome iAm Geek shirt for $10 TODAY ONLY!  All kinds of iconic geek symbols go into making up the word ‘geek’ ranging from the Starfleet symbol to the TARDIS and even the Halo energy sword.  This is truly the ultimate geek shirt!

If you want to be showered with compliments about what you are wearing, I can say from experience there is no better thing to wear than a geek shirt like this!  So buy it before its gone!

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iAm Geek Shirt
iAm Geek Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

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