Limited Edition Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Poster Set [pic]

Judging from every Star Wars fan I have ever met, if you love the movies, you can never have enough Star Wars posters on the walls.  While I enjoy the movies, I don’t have walls that play well with posters unfortunately.  Well, if you are looking for more Star Wars posters for your walls, I have found the posters you have been looking for!

Last week I posted about a limited edition set of Star Wars original trilogy posters being sold by Etsy seller LynxCollection.  Considering how awesome the posters are, I thought you guys would also like to know about the limited edition Star Wars prequel trilogy poster set that they are also selling for $49.95.  The artwork was done by Drew Roberts who appears to be incredibly talented!  I love this style!

The posters measure 11″ x 17″ and they are limited to only 750 prints so if you like them, I would order a set before they are gone!

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Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Poster Set
Limited Edition Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Poster Set

[Source:  Etsy]