Amazing Legend of Zelda Wedding Rings [pic]

Despite the fact that I have never been one for wearing a ring (I didn’t even bother to buy a class ring back when I was in high school), I do enjoy seeing unusual and geeky jewelry!  One great example of that is the R2-D2 engagement ring I posted recently.  However, this time I have found a pair of geeky, Legend of Zelda themed wedding rings!

I was surfing Reddit yesterday when I came across a post by Reddit user oneyeartrip showing off his amazing custom Legend of Zelda wedding rings.  Not only do these awesome Legend of Zelda wedding rings sport the Triforce, they each have a an inscription in them.  Oneyeartrip’s ring says “It’s dangerous” on the inside of it while his wife’s says “to go alone”.  The only thing that would make these rings any cooler is if they came in a Legend of Zelda chest style ring box.

Clearly these two are a match made in Hyrule!

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Zelda Wedding Rings
Legend of Zelda Wedding Rings

[Source:  Reddit]